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Techno-lodgy/ FreakshowSantiago Nino – Just Music (UK)
Columbian newcomer, Santiago Nino drops an exhilarating 2-track EP for Just Music. Side A features “Techno-lodgy”, a storming, hard techno banger, with searing percussion, eerie bass and an abundance of energy and intensity. The flip brings the stand out cut, “Freakshow”, a blazing undiluted techno drum track, with ruthless beats, lashing bassline and a ton of drops, cuts and edits. Not for the faint of heart, this is a class release for DJs looking to destroy sound systems and annihilate crowds.****(4 of 5)

Re-Rub (Volume 2) Ben Long – Re Rub (UK)
Much like his DJing style, Ben Long is absolutely frenzied in the studio. Combining a vast array of beats, samples, frequency drops, edits, basslines and synth stabs; these two tracks are as frenzied as any you are likely to hear, yet in the end (like his DJ performances) they leave you shaking your head, wondering how he did that. “Track One”, is a mash up of bangin drum patterns, old school sounding stabs, vocal snippets and a ton of backspins, drops and other assorted tricks. The flip features the cleverly named, “Track Two” and is another chaotic, but more effective romp. Funky beats, hot bass and a vocal driven breakdown that chants “ooh, techno city”, make this a hot way to add some personality to a harder set. ****(4 of 5)

One Legged DiscoBen Sims & Paul Mac – Intec (UK)
Brilliant 4 tracker from the permanently consistent, Intec crew. This time, Ben Sims and Paul Mac are at the controls and the results are quality. Kicking things off is “Held To Ransom”, a big funky tech house party monster, complete with old school, Todd Terry style drums, groovy synths and smirk inducing spoken female vocal breakdown. “Shady Dealer” is up next with funky beats, Latin flavored percussion and a sizzling, disco flavored bassline. The flip features “Hero’s Welcome”, is a fiery techno drum track with hot drums, funky ass bassline and a ton of drops and edits. Picture Derrick Carter making techno and you have a good idea what this track sounds like. The EP wraps up with “One Legged Disco”, a jackin’, tribal flavored mover, with vocal samples, trippy keys and a deep, driving bassline. Quality from front to back. *****(5 of 5)

Return To The SourceDJ Preach – Intec (UK)
Montreal based DJ Preach is on a collision course with stardom. In just a few short years, he has gone from up and coming local resident, to world class DJ and producer extraordinaire. He is clearly at the top of the list in terms of hottest young talent on the techno scene and his stock is rising with each passing day. “Return To The Source” starts the ball rolling here with hard, minimal percussion and a dark, evil bassline from hell. Building in intensity and tension as it rolls along towards a Latin flavored breakdown, this will set things off in any techno set, yet in spite of this, it is the flip where we find the real gem here. “Frontiere” in an utterly incredible slice of tribal techno madness, complete with blazing percussion, Inner City sounding synths and an abundance of forward moving energy. A party mover from the jump, this is another top-notch release from Intec. ****(4 of 5)

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