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Top 10 Top 10 - Eurodance Artists


Pretty female vocals, energetic synths, and a catchy chorus are all parts of eurodance music. Whether you call it trance, pop or hiNRG - here are the top 10 eurodance acts on dancemusic.about.com

1. Cascada

Proving that dance music sounds good on the radio, "Everytime We Touch" exploded onto radio all over the United States. With over 2.5 million plays, the buzz on the europop confection started on Myspace, where more than 150,000 friends spread the music of Cascada. Although singer Natalie might be a newcomer, you will surely know the producer Yanou from his work with DJ Sammy - remember the international smash "Heaven?"

2. Ian Van Dahl

With their second album Lost and Found spawning hit singles around the world, ("Where Are You Now" in the US, "Believe" and "I Can't Let You Go" in Europe), the trio known as Ian Van Dahl is disproving the sophomore myth that plagues dance artists. Composed of producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen with vocalist Annemie Coenen, the trio has teamed with Peter Luts and David Vervoort (the producers of Lasgo) to follow up their debut Ace.

3. Dannii Minogue

Already known throughout the world for her pop and dance hits, Dannii Minogue is looking to conquer the United States with her delicious American debut CD Neon Nights which has already yielded four hit singles in Europe. Rather than following in her sister Kylie's footsteps, Dannii is blazing her own path by adding her golden pop touch to the underground dance music and giving much love to the DJs who support her.

4. Emma Bunton

As Madison Avenue might say, "don't call her baby." Emma Bunton has grown up from Baby Spice to become a solo star in her own right. With an international flavor and Motown influences, her new album is full of dynamic songs and wonderful melodies. Emma loves to dance and it shows with her embracing of club and remix culture.

5. Lara McAllen/Angel City

As the voice of Angel City, Lara McAllen has been in the US to promote her Hot 100 hit "Love Me Right." This UK Top 10 piece of delicious eurodance pop samples Ready for the World's "Oh Sheila" and is making its way onto radio stations all over the United States.

6. Tina Cousins

The singer of international club smashes Killing Time, Pray, and Forever, Tina Cousins also teamed with producer Sash! for the hits Mysterious Times and Just Around the Hill. More than five years after the release of her debut masterpiece, Tina is back singing about her "Wonderful Life" and what it's like to "Mastermind" a comeback.

7. Pronti & Kalmani

In the heart of Dutch dance scene are Pronti & Kalmani, the DJs and producers behind Alice Deejay and Vengaboys. Their productions and remixes have conquered the world, creating a unique sound by blending trance and hi-NRG with a pop sensibility. Their latest discovery, Candee Jay, is with them in the studio now ready to do it again.

8. QED

On the heels of the success of "Love Bites" and "Hardly a Day," I had the privilege to sit down and chat with Valentin and Kristine Henricks of QED about themselves, about their music, and QED's Master plan! Their freshman release Mobius is a unique musical journey that, as the name implies, is never-ending. Their shows make an unprecedented marriage of lights, sound and video to create an amazing overall experience that is seldom repeated. Here's what they had to say.

9. Debbie Loeb

It's rare that you meet an artist whose personality is as energetic as their music. Clocking in at over 140 beats per minute, Debbie Loeb's debut single "Faraway" is a poetic fairy tale that's as intelligent as it is energetic. If her last name sounds familiar, you might remember her sister Lisa, who achieved a number one record as an unsigned artist with "Stay (I Missed You)" Or maybe you saw them both on the hit reality show #1 Single.

10. Candee Jay

No, she isn't Alice's sister, but Candee Jay is making waves with her europop smash "If I Were You." Discovered by super producers Pronti & Kalmani, she is capturing the attention of radio stations around the United States with her infectiously energetic debut.
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