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2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winners

Readers Choice 2012 Awards

With all the votes tallied (and fake/hacked votes eliminated, here are the final winners for the 2012 DanceMusic.About.Com Readers' Choice Awards.

Dance Music/Electronica Spotlight10

Amsterdam Dance Event 2012

Amsterdam Dance Event 2012 - Coverage of Amsterdam Dance Event 2012

Top 50 Club Chart - May 2012

[Top 50 Club Chart - May 2012]

Coati Mundi - 'Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land Of Boo-Hoo' CD Review

Coati Mundi - Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land Of Boo-Hoo CD Review

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Nickodemus - Sun People Remixed CD Review

Mitch Branson - 'Darkness of Pleasure' CD Review

Mitch Branson - Darkness of Pleasure CD Review

Arika Kane - 'Arika Kane' CD Review

Arika Kane - Arika Kane CD Review

DJ Dan - 'DJ Dan Presents Future Retro' CD Review

DJ Dan - DJ Dan Presents Future Retro CD Review

Deluka - 'You Are the Night' CD Review

Deluka - You Are the Night CD Review

Detroit Grand Pubahs - 'Madd Circus' CD Review

Detroit Grand Pubahs - Madd Circus CD Review

Bobby O - 'Bright Nothing World' CD Review

Bobby O - Bright Nothing World CD Review

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