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Song of the Day: Rui Da Silva and Jude Elliott - "Spinning"

By December 21, 2009

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Portuguese born DJ/Producer Rui Da Silva is best known for his international hit "Touch Me" as well as his work with DJ Vibe under the name of Underground Sound of Lisbon. With these references in mind, this "Spinning" track comes completely out of left field. It is not disco-flavored or nuDisco, it sounds like a disco record that could have been played on the floors of Studio 54 during the 70s and had an amazing response. With the deluge of 80s sounding records out there right now (and the batch of 90s techno throw backs on the way), this taste of disco era magic is quite refreshing.
Video - Youtube
Check out more great music in the listening booth!
Photo Courtesy of Rui da Silva.


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