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Song of the Day: Adele - "Rolling In The Deep"

By December 20, 2010

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The world needs more Adele music.  Although, with "Rolling in the Deep", I think Adele believes the world needs more Florence + The Machine music.  The lead single from the successful singer's sophomore album, 21, bears a remarkable similarity to work from Florence Welch in the layering of the vocals and the instrumentation used.  Still, "Rolling in the Deep" is a powerful track that speaks of the loneliness long after a relationship, where the scars still sear with pain.  The video portrays this loneliness, no shot ever having more than one person featured.  As the drummer hits his drum, the light flickers on and off while Adele sits and sings in a sparse and unfinished room.  Other shots include a shower of sparks over a paper city that quickly ignites, a room full of glasses of water that ripple to the beat, and a lone martial artist who's movements create a cloud of dust.  For club consumption, Dan Clare amps the track up in a mostly literal translation that does include some grime elements to it that just beg you to move.  Overall, Adele is making quite a comeback.

Video - Youtube
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