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Dannii Minogue Interview


Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Already known throughout the world for her pop and dance hits, Dannii Minogue is looking to conquer the United States with her delicious American debut CD Neon Nights which has already yielded four hit singles in Europe. Rather than following in her sister Kylie's footsteps, Dannii is blazing her own path by adding her golden pop touch to the underground dance music and giving much love to the DJs who support her.

Dannii Minogue: Hey!

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Hey Danni!
Dannii: How are you doing?

RS: Doing wonderful, I heard your show last night was fabulous.
Dannii: Yes, it was awesome, it was so good, really good, a really great crowd.

RS: You were incredible that night at Webster Hall in New York, what was going through your head for your big American debut?
Dannii: Gosh, that was fun. Just oh my God, it's my first performance in the United States, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. But, you know there was lots of people there who were really well-aware of me and had searched me out through the net, which was great.

RS: I was there, I flew in from Nashville for the show, and behind me there was like ten or fifteen people who were screaming the lyrics of every song.
Dannii: I know, that was amazing, AMAZING. You hear that your album or single is selling on import, but when you see it translate and there's people standing in front of your for your first show and they know the lyrics to every song, then that's incredible.

RS: I heard you did like a mini-promo tour of the US, what was your favorite city you went to?
Dannii: Well, we didn't get to do that many cities here, we kind of focused on the dance markets. I'm in Miami now and this has been a really good starting point for me because they are such avid dance fans. We've done New York, Orlando, and Dallas, which I wasn't aware of as being really into their dance music, but they are and there's a lot of specially-dedicated dance radio stations popping up there now. Yes, Dallas is the new one for me, that was the new one where everybody said to me, oh my God, they're so friendly down there, they will treat you so nice, and it's exactly everything you think it's going to be.

RS: Which do you prefer, do you like the studio more or the touring aspect of being an artist?
Dannii: I think my two favorite things are the writing and the performing. The stuff in between is what I call the daily grind of the job, the traveling, the time it takes to sort get from A to B. But I think the creative parts, the writing and being on stage are the highlights You saw me once before, I do things off-the-cuff and I'm chatting and every time it's going to be different because I'm just going to see where the mood takes me or what the crowd's like.

RS: Cool. Let's talk a little about your album, Neon Nights. The first single "Who Do You Love Now" was based on Riva's track "Stringer" which was a massive underground club hit. How were you approached to work on the vocal version?
Dannii: Was "Stringer" known in America?

RS: In the DJ circles and trance clubs it definitely was.
Dannii: Riva hooked up with the label FFRR in London, which is part of London Records which I'm now signed to. There was this song written to it and they were throwing around who would be great to record it and I know Riva wanted to approach me and the people who worked at FFRR really wanted me to do it. At the time I'd just finished six months on stage in the West End and I didn't want to do anything, I just wanted to have a month's holiday or something. I'd said to my management and agent please don't call me if something comes up because I needed a rest. Thankfully Riva and FFRR were really persistent and got hold of me.

RS: It sort of breathed new life into everything. So, did you write those new lyrics or were those given to you?
Dannii: No, the song was written for Riva already and they played it to me and asked if I would be interested in singing it? I recorded the new vocals and we released it, which achieved, at that point, my highest chart position of number 3. So then London Records wanted to keep me on and to do an album with me which translated into Neon Nights.

RS: The next single, "Put The Needle On It" is an incredible record, should DJs take that as a love song of your thanks?
Dannii: Absolutely. The Riva record opened the door to a lot of respect and a lot of love from the DJs for me. In the UK it's a very specific scene and they're not really interested in the pop artists calling themselves dance artists because they've done one remix of their song. The DJs really embraced me and when I was in the studio in Sweden I'd said straight out to the other writers that I wanted to write about that, of my appreciation of the DJs and the dance music lovers. We put it into a funny, sexy kind of context.

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