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Dannii Minogue Interview


Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue


RS: Definitely. I remember your last album when they sent out "All I Wanna Do", the promos just said DM, probably for that same reason.
Dannii: Yes, exactly! I didn't want people to be prejudiced against it, but to simply listen to it and that's how it goes for every pop artist. I've showed because I've stuck around, that I'm in for the long haul and I'm not just doing dance remixes because it's cool and trendy and hot. From my first releases, I had a hell of a lot of remixes on there because I really admire what they do. I've been there adoring DJs and remixers for a long time, so it was really such a nice surprise when "Who Do You Love Now" really cracked through with them.

RS: So you liked the remix process, what do you think the different remixers bring to your music?
Dannii: Oh my God, it's just incredible! I find that it's so artistic, like looking at a painting. Everybody could look at an object, say an apple, and draw it in the most completely different way. It's the same with the remix, because you're listening to artists at work. Sometimes I've heard a remix because they've completely changed it and the first listen I've thought oh my God, I don't like that because I didn't, it was so totally taken away. I'm so much more lose with that now, it's like I love the fact that they will go and change it a lot.

RS: OK, so what is a Trouser Enthusiast?
Dannii: What is a trouser enthusiast? <laughingI don't know, you have to ask my friends.

RS: "I Begin To Wonder" was originally a hit for Jean Claude Ames under the name JCA, which were session singers. Did you hear the song and envision it as your own, or how did you approach making this song your own?
Dannii: Well, I got played this song at the record company and they had tracked it down from the German dance market. I said this could definitely be a pop hit, but not in the state it was in. It was only going to be a club thing because it was only one verse and one chorus and that was it, just round and round and round. So I said well, let's approach JCA and see if he's willing to make it into a pop song. He was incredible because a lot of dance producers, they're very cool and, again, may not want to mix in with the pop scene. He was totally cool and he let me write some more lyrics and pad it out to make it a pop song. We though, if people missed out on this song, it would be bad. We were right, because "IBTW" has really opened up doors all around the world and people say to to me "God, I love that song", and without the changes they wouldn't have had the chance to hear it.

RS: Your two most recent singles the "I Begin To Wonder" and "Don't Want To Lose This Feeling" were both reworked with classic 80s songs. How did these come about, was it from the DJs mixing the track or did producers take the vocals and have fun with it?
Dannii: There's a lot of bootlegs being made in the UK, getting played on the radio and even bootleg mash-ups being played on the video channel. Most of them are made for fun, they're not made for releasing or selling the music, but we were lucky enough to get hold of the Dead Or Alive mix and then negotiate with them to release it as a single. Then also with Madonna which was for me the biggest, most amazing, AMAZING thing is to get her to approve to sign-off her In To The Groove.

RS: She rarely approves her work to be reworked, why do you think she gave you the nod?
Dannii: She liked it, she simply said she heard it and she loved it. A friend of mine was listening to the radio in England when I was in Japan doing promotions, and he texted me to say that he'd been listening to the radio. This guy was interviewing Madonna, and he plays her a bit of "Don't Wanna Lose this Groove" and said hey, have you heard this? He obviously didn't realize it was a legal signed-off project, he thought it was just a bootleg someone had made. She said "I love this, what, are you crazy, this is so brilliant, of course I've heard it before and I love it." She knows what she likes and she'll let you know if she likes something. We took a chance and thought we'd send it to her and see what happens, and that chance paid off.

RS: Another track on the album "Push" contains a sample of the 80s hit White Horse, where did that idea come from?
Dannii: Actually from my A&R guy, he said I've got this sample and it sounds really great and I think it would suit your voice. So, we just took it and went in the studio and started playing around with it. It's a very sexy sample and we thought there's only one way we could go with this track, is to write something really sexy.

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