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Simone Denny Interview


Simone Denny

Simone Denny


RS: Well, speaking about different languages, there's some things I just don't understand which I've got to ask you. Going back to Love Inc, in the videos, what was the deal with the bunny?
Simone: Everybody asks that question. You know what, we don't even know what the bunny meant. It means love, you know, it could mean anything to anyone, it just happens to be something cute that was a gimmick and it worked. I can't believe you saw that video, oh, my gosh.

RS: I spin at a video club here in Nashville called Tribe, so I've seen all the videos.
Simone: Oh, my goodness, that's so funny. Yes, yes, the bunny just worked, everybody took to the bunny and I mean in the next video we could have used a frog. It just took off, it was a gimmick and it worked. It had no particular significance. The "Broken Bones" video was about animal testing. You watch the beginning of the video and you see "Say No to Animal Testing" signs at the very top of the video, but I mean after that it just became a gimmick.

RS: OK, so let's go back to 1999, you performed in Atlanta for the Billboard Dance Summit, where did the Japanese dancing girls come from?
Simone: Oh, my gosh, you just know too much, oh, my goodness. Wow, that was something that was working. In fact if you look at the Broken Bones video there was a heavy Asian influence, and that was something we carried over in our live shows whenever we performed. So when we took it to Atlanta, the Billboard Summit, it was something different and it made us stand out. My goodness, you were there?

RS: Oh, yes. OK, let's also fast forward to the Dance for the Cure to Breast Cancer event in New York. You sang a song called "Haven't I Cried Enough;" what happened to that song? A lot of DJs are asking about it, and then Nervous went under and all the attention went to "All Things." So, what happened to "Haven't I Cried Enough?"
Simone: Well, basically, Nervous went under and there was no opportunity to promote it because it had been signed. So I didn't really ask too many questions about it but "All Things" came along and we just kind of ran with it.

RS: Do you think the "Haven't I..." song will come back again sometime?
Simone: Oh, I'm sure, and hopefully, hopefully it will.

RS: I hope so too, because it's a great song. I remember watching you sing it that night, the crowd wasn't that big but you made it feel like it was such a big room with your energy and emotion.
Simone: Thank you. I try to put everything into my performances, I try to do that every time. You're so sweet.

RS: As a vocalist, who are your vocal inspirations?
Simone: I really liked Anita Baker growing up. In my home, my parents played a lot of different styles of music, so Anita Baker, Donna Summer, Thelma Houston, Sarah Vaughn, there's so many, Ben E. King. When I was growing up, it's a little bit of metal with AC/DC and I liked the Eagles and Journey, there was so many different musical influences. Janet Jackson and then you go to Michael Jackson, you go to Chuckii Booker, all these people, all the styles of music that really had an impact, because I was I really embraced any project that I work with. Whether it was a metal project, which I've worked on, or a dance project, I just go full throttle right into it and get into the emotion of the song. So, I think my upbringing and my being surrounded by all of that music and being open to all those little styles of music has really helped me be the vocalist that I am.

RS: You keep saying metal project; what were you involved with that was metal?
Simone: I worked with a Canadian band, called Damn Thirteen. The vocalist of the group is Adam Sewell and they won Junos as well. They are a great metal band and we had the opportunity to open for Gwar. I am of course known as Dance Queen and it's quite funny because here's this hardcore metal band and they're like Simone, "Are you ready to go to the dark side?" I'm like "I'm there, let's do it." We went and we opened for Gwar and I was a little nervous going out and I'm never nervous. But this time I thought 'OK, I hope these people are feeling what I'm doing.' I opened my mouth and the crowd just was like 'yahhhh!' I said OK, this was great and we did quite a few gigs and it was received really well, and this was a full-on metal crowd. Every time they would introduce me as our Canadian dance queen Simone Denny. I mean you'd think the crowed would be like 'boo,' and they were screaming 'yehhh,' I loved it, I had a blast doing the shows. That's what I mean, I take it all in stride and Adam's a family friend of mine and I had a great time. I don't limit myself musically at all.

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