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Tiesto - In Concert

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Tiesto - In Concert DVD

Tiesto - In Concert DVD

DJ Tiesto is a man that needs no introduction from me; I am humbled simply by the thought that my opinion will be posted about the Greatest DJ in the World. Not only is it a review of the world's greatest DJ, it's a review of the world's greatest DJ concert. Tiesto has become the epitome of trance music over the last five years.

Since his debut in the US with the remix of Delerium's smash hit "Silence," he has captured the hearts of thousands of Americans with his expertly laid-out sets and uncanny ability to work a crowd. This DVD is a showcase of a concert that changed the way people look at dance music. The event took place on May 5th, 2003 in the Gelredome Arena in his native Holland. This was a show like none other. Never before was a concert held with 25,000 people to see one DJ. This DVD Chronicles the journey from idea to the main event. The concert includes live performances by Andain, Dinand Woesthoff, and Jan Johnston. Not only are there live performances by some of the best dance vocalists, there is also live music and dancers performing at different times throughout the set. The theme of the event is a mystical, musical journey around the world and no one could create that quite like Tiesto.

DJ Tiesto

DJ Tiesto

DJ Tiesto In Concert DVD
He plays a collection of timeless trance songs that are everything you could ever expect.

During his night he played such classic tracks as "Flight 643," "Suburban Train," "Lethal Industry," and Jan Johnston's exquisite "Skydive." He also brings in a slew of new trance monsters. They include "Traffic," "Obsession" with Junkie XL, Scott Bond vs. Solarstone's "3rd Earth," and the title track to his new album "Nyana." His energy on stage passes directly from him to the crowd and it even goes through the camera and right into your soul. This is a performance that is incomparable to anything I have ever seen in any music genre. If after all of this glamour you are still wondering about the mixing... one word: Tiesto. He blends each track as if it were made for the next one. He didn't earn the number one DJ in the world title by not mixing properly.

Even if the 200+ minutes of performance time are not enough, there is a second disc packed full of special features. It includes a behind-the-scenes looking at The Making Of the event, the music video for his song "Traffic," TV Commercials for the event, and a whole lot more.

Crowd Shot

Crowd Shot

DJ Tiesto In Concert DVD
If you are still not sold on the Tiesto in Concert DVD, the final selling point is that the whole show was shot in high definition. It gives an outstanding picture and clarity. DJ Tiesto is the greatest performer in dance music to date and this DVD is something that should be in the collection of anyone that loves to dance and wants to see what high energy is all about.
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