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Jackie McCloy

Randy (The Cowboy) Jones, Jacqui Lee Smith (Richie Family)

Randy, Earl Young (The Trammps), Jacqui, Nile Rogers

Michael Paoletta, Jacqui

Kurtis Blow, ,

,Amber, Kurtis Blow,

,Amber, Kurtis,


Evelyn Champaigne King

Evelyn Champaigne King

Chris Cox, Gioia


Martha Wash, Evelyn

Martha Wash, Evelyn


Mic Murphy (The System)

Mr Mig, Mic Murphy

Evelyn, Mic Murphy

Jason Nevins, Gary Salzman, Mike Rizzo, Johnny Budz, Ray Roc

Nile Rogers

Nile Rogers

Danny Howells, Lady Bunny, Danny Tenaglia

Stephanie Karten, DJ Spyder

James D-Train Williams, Delmar Browne, Earl Young, Martha

Danny Tenaglia, Martha, Danny Howells

Michael, Bunny

Funky Dumpling, Derek Graves

Bunnie, Micahel, Richie, Danny

Kim Sozzi, Vicky Baradi



Lady Bunny, Rupaul

Bunny asking Reed
where is my mix?

Ellyn Harris, Reed McGowan

Davidson Ospina




Kim Sozzi, Reina


John Parker, Eddie O Laughlin, Daniel Glass,

Tom Silverman, Michael, Giorgio Moroder, John, Eddie, Daniel, Cory Robbins

Button Pictures

Dance Music Summit Pictures

Dance Music Hall of Fame

Grammy Party at CroBar

ProMotion Boat Cruise

Industry Mixer on TruTone Rooftop

King Street Records - Opening Party

Deet Promotions Party at Deep

Debby Holiday at Splash

Closing Party at Glass

Tommy Boy Party at the Office

Other Parties

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