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Emma Bunton Interview


Emma dancing on the boat cruise

Emma dancing on the boat cruise


DJ Ron: A little birdie told me that VH1 over here was about to do a feature on you. How is all this attention in the US feeling?
Emma Bunton: It's so exciting. I come to America on holidays and in the UK, it's our dream for people to enjoy our music in the US. I'm just so excited about coming out there. I want people to see me, because obviously I've grown up and I want them to get to know me. So that means coming out and spending some time, which I'm so looking forward to.

DJ Ron: You were over here for the Billboard Dance Music Summit and you were on a panel with Martha Wash, Esthero, DJ Rap, and Ultra Nate. Were you surprised to be sitting next to any of them?
Emma Bunton: Oh of course. I actually was really nervous and I didn't think I would be. We ended up having a lovely time. It was a girly panel and we were very honest and enjoyed every minute. Afterwards, I had this huge party on a boat where all the DJs came and we danced to "Free Me." I went back to my hotel room that night on a real high. It was just amazing to be in America and for people to be listening to my track. It's very exciting.

DJ Ron: I was actually on that boat cruse and I was having the time of my life.
Emma Bunton: It was such a good night. I was on such a high, it was brilliant.

DJ Ron: You were so on the entire time, like I'd never seen someone smile so much.
Emma Bunton: Really? I like to think I'm quite a positive person. Don't get me wrong, in the morning I am awful but, you know come midnight, I'm alive.

DJ Ron: How is performing solo different than performing with the girls behind you, the Spice Girls?
Emma Bunton: Well I think they're both very, very different. Being with the girls I had the best time and you kind of get away with more. If you go wrong, it's not a problem because the other girls kind of takeover. Being out there on my own, I'm doing something for me and I'm creating my own album, I'm creating my own videos, so it's very rewarding. I feel very lucky that I've had the opportunity to be in a group and now I feel very lucky to be performing as a solo artist. I'll just keep my fingers crossed. I'm still loving it so much and my fans are being so supportive so I'm going to keep doing it for them.

DJ Ron: Why do you think your music always translates so well in the club context?
Emma Bunton: I think because I always try and have a great melody that people can sing to and I want the lyrics to be as strong as possible. Then the remixers just take it and put there little bit of sparkle and magic on it. I was dancing to my own song and that's something I don't usually do. But with "Free Me" on that boat, it just was so exciting. So I just think they do some magic and make it a great dance track.

DJ Ron: A friend of mine went to a Spice Girls concert here in Nashville a couple of years ago and realized the audience was about seventy-five percent young girls, another twenty-five percent gay men.
Emma Bunton: Yes, baby!!!

DJ Ron: Why do you think the Spice Girls attracted such a big gay following?
Emma Bunton: I've got some fantastic gay friends who have always been wonderful. They're not frightened to go out, have fun and be open-minded. That completed rubbed off on all of us girls and we had so much fun. We love dressing up and we love fashion. We were really flattered with having such a huge gay fan base because they know about fashion and they know about songs that. I'm so flattered that we've got such a huge gay following, it's amazing.

DJ Ron: How was your stint on Absolutely Fabulous?
Emma Bunton: Oh, do you know what? It was so much fun Jennifer Saunders has been a friend of mine for years now and it was wonderful to work with her and Joanna Lumley and Jane Horrocks and just being able to go with it. I had to shout and swear on Absolutely Fabulous and not a lot of people have seen me do that before, so it was good fun.

DJ Ron: Have you every seen a drag queen perform one of your songs?
Emma Bunton: Oh yes, many. They always look so bloody gorgeous and they've all got long legs and look stunning. So, again, I'm so very flattered. Recently I saw a drag queen do "Maybe" and she was just incredible.

DJ Ron: Is there anything you want to say to all the dance music lovers out there?
Emma Bunton: I would love to say a huge thank you for all your support. Keep dancing to those tracks and I'll hopefully see you in a club one night. <laughing>

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