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Scissor Sisters Interview - Baby Daddy


Scissor Sisters are redefining pop music with a playful edge; fusing rock, dance, and just about everything else with incredibly well-written songs with hooks that force you to sing along. Baby Daddy teamed up with lead singer Jake Shears to form the nucleus which expanded to include self described "drag queen stuck in a woman's body" Ana Matronic, drummer Paddy Boom and guitarist Del Marquis. Encouraging you to get your mama drunk and covering Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Number" show one side while "Return to Oz" mourns losses due to crystal meth. As incredible as their debut album is, the live experience takes it to the next level. Scissor Sisters are on tour in the US now, be sure to check them out.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: : Congratulations, on a million sales in Europe.
Baby Daddy: Yes, how about that.

RS: Where were you when you first heard about that?
Baby Daddy: It sounds so horrible, but we get so many weird numbers that I don't even know. One day it'll be like a million shipped in Europe, then a million shipped somewhere else and then a million sold, so I actually get kind of confused. I think this happened a few weeks ago and it's kind of crazy. We get so many weird statistics and I never know which are the important ones, but that's a pretty damn good one.

RS: Did you ever imagine that Scissor Sisters would takeoff so massively?
Baby Daddy: I never thought it, envisioned it or expected it but numbers like that, God, who would have thought. I don't even know what that means at this point, like who the hell is buying it? Who are these people? In England, it's about a thousand a night at a show so I can see them, but to go from that to a million is really strange to me.

RS: You're on tour right now in the US, right?
Baby Daddy: Yes, we're starting out first big US tour, although we've done a couple of smaller ones.

RS: How are people outside New York embracing the music and your shows?
Baby Daddy: Oh my God, they're fucking insane, it's great. We did Philly last night and it was one of the craziest shows I've ever played, it was insane. DC was the night before and it was wild with about eleven hundred people, which I had no expectations for. Philly last night was like two hundred and fifty people crammed in this tiny room and I thought I was going to pass out.

RS: Well, so whose idea was it to go to England to launch y'all so big?
Baby Daddy: There was a lot of different factors at play there but for the most part, I can explain why there was interest as well, but simply there was interest from the UK labels before there was ever interest from the US labels. That happened for different reasons but mostly because I think they just got it, they got what we were trying to do. We had people flying over in New York trying to sign us, while we're playing in New York and no one from an American record label was showing up at these shows or even calling and asking if they can come down and check it out. So it was really strange.

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