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Before You Buy a Gift for Your Favorite DJ (2009 Remix)


With the holiday season quickly approaching, shopping for your favorite DJ needn't be a challenge.

The perfect DJ bag

The UDG Producer is a top choice for DJs who have a laptop, controller and need to travel by plane. The Axio Beat Box DJ Bag is superb for DJs who need to carry multiple laptop but do not travel by place. The UDG Slingbag is great for DJs who play CDs and use a laptop.

The perfect software controller

The Numark NS7 is every Digital DJ's dream. The Vestax VCI-100 a top of the line hardcore durable software controller meant for serious DJs. The Numark Omni Control is a functional and excellent controller that includes a sound card.

The perfect software

Traktor DJ Studio is superior software for DJs in the digital world. Virtual DJ is great for digital DJs who want to mix music and video. DJs who want to get started with production will do well with the loop based Acid software.

Great stocking stuffers

The Stanton Uberstand is perfect for laptop DJs who need to spin in tight spaces. If you really love a DJ, a great pair of headphones like the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro is expensive but will be greatly appreciated. For an aspiring DJ, the Numark IDJ2 is a great way to learn - using an Ipod to DJ with.

Great gifts for VJs

The Club Visuals series from Pioneer DVJ Vision are top notch. NuVJ is a great all-in-one solution for any beginning visualist. GrandVJ is perfect for those needing more flexibility.
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