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DJ Mag 2011 Top 100 DJs Poll - List Announced during ADE


DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs Poll

DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs Poll

At a massive party during the Amsterdam Dance Event, the 2011 DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ List was announced. The list is based on a 100% vote and is considered by many to be the only true ranking of a DJ's success.

The ascension of French superstar David Guetta to the top spot ends the multiyear dominance of Armin van Buuren. Avicii, Afrojack, Dash Berlin and Swedish House Mafia make huge leaps into the top 10 while Skrillex is the highest debut at #19. Moving up 60 spots, Calvin Harris is the greatest gainer with Arty and Noise Controllers both rising more than 50 positions each. With all the celebration, there was much talk questioning the validity of the new Facebook-based voting system since countries like China ban the site. The lack of female DJs on the list seems to reenforce the stereotype as DJing being a boys' club and the total absence of drum and bass djs is also quite odd.

Here is the top 10:
1. David Guetta
2. Armin van Buuren
3. Tiesto
4. Deadmau5
5. Above&Beyond
6. Avicii
7. Afrojack
8. Dash Berlin
9. Markus Schulz
10. Swedish House Mafia

The full list is available on the DJ Mag website but for those of you who like it more visual - check out this incredible visual presentation of the top 100 created by DVJ Vision crew (who also created all the visuals from the live presentation during ADE.)

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