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Twisted Dee Interview


Twisted Dee

Twisted Dee

With over twenty years of DJ experience, Twisted Dee is making a name for herself touring the country, remixing, producing and releasing mixed CDs. Using the internet to network, Dee has established relationships with the burgeoning online DJ community to help her take things to the next level and become an "overnight sensation."

DJ Ron Slomowicz: What inspired you to start DJing?
Twisted Dee: In a single word: "MUSIC." I was probably 12 or 13 when I was first exposed to dance music (disco) back in 1975-76. My father owned Long Island's first disco and I would often spend my days in the DJ booth fascinated.

RS: How would you define your musical style?
Dee: That's a tough one because I play all different styles. I would say mainly HOUSE + TRIBAL.. I do play a lot of vocals and I'm not fond of 'pots & pans' all night.

RS: Where did that Twisted name come from?
Dee: That was many years ago, when having a DJ name was the 'IN' thing. One of my friends made it up and it just stuck with me. Sometimes I wish it was a better name, but 'it is what it is' and it's how people have come to know me.

RS: You seem to be getting a lot of success / notoriety over the past year or so - but you have been at this a while. Why do you think you are suddenly an overnight success?
Dee: Yes, I have been a DJ for over 23 years now, way longer than even most of the 'big boys.' I think my name is better known now because of the production work I have been doing. DJs really pay attention to 'who did the mix.' Production, I feel, is the key to success for me right now - although I have ALWAYS considered myself very successful. At home, I never have a problem finding work; I play 3-4 nights a week but now I want to travel and play larger venues. I feel, being a producer will pave the way.

RS: What role has the internet played in your success as a DJ?
Dee: A HUGE role, but moreso on the production end. Back in the Audiogalaxy days when you belonged to 'spamming' groups, I saw that as a vehicle to get my productions to so many people and I used it to the extreme. I sent my work to thousands of people at a time and the response was always great and very inspiring. It was from there that people really started noticing my work and started approaching me to do even more work.

RS: You are quite well known in the online DJ community. Has this translated into improving your career?
Dee: Absolutely! I have made so many great friends in the biz: Producers, DJs, Artists, etc. The internet is incredible. Its something we never had in the past and what a wonderful way to get to know people you probably would have never met in your lifetime. I have acquired several gigs from my 'online' connections. Even though the internet is a main cause in the demise of the record industry as we know it (that's a whole different topic), the 'net' has opened the world up to new artists and talent that would have gone unnoticed before. Because of the internet, EVERYONE has the opportunity to show their stuff and to shine. It gives true 'equal opportunity' to people that are not fortunate enough to have the 'right' connections.

RS: Did you design your website? Do you keep updated?
Dee: Yes, I do it myself - nothing fancy, just the facts. I have received many offers from people who want to re-do my site for free and I say "is it that bad?" (laugh). My problem with someone else designing my site is a "control" thing- I would have to give control of my site to someone else and depend on them to make the changes I want, etc. I can't be bothered, I'm a "do it yourself" kind of person.

RS: What was the experience like putting together your first commercial mixed-CD compilation?
Dee: It was fun but I have put together MANY CDs in my life just not for commercial release. It was a great experience dealing with the label and promo people, I learned a lot.

RS: How much freedom did you have in choosing the music?
Dee: Not much, this was the only downfall for me with this CD (Addiction). I could only use the material from that label and its associated labels. There was a lot to choose from, but the songs I chose may not have been my choices had I been able to choose from any and all music. Then there were also a few tracks that I 'had' to use, no choice.

RS: How representative of your normal sets is it?
Dee: I would say about 50% of the songs on my CD you might here me play. There are a lot of great songs on it but, no, it is not a true representation of what you would hear me play in the prime of my night, not at all.

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