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Dave Aude Interview


Dave Aude Interview

Dave Aude Rocking the DanceMusic.About.Com Button

RS: In addition to that, you've also been busy doing two tracks for Jessica Sutta as well.
Dave Aude: Jessica was one of the Pussycat Dolls that didn't get a lot of the spotlight in the actual Pussycat band but she just loves club music. So I've been doing a few songs here and there. I recorded the vocals for her song with Paul Van Dyk's "White Lies." She sang on my song which wasn't a full vocal song but it had some, it was more of a club track and fortunately went to number one.

RS: Well with all these big artists, Beyonce, Nelly Fertado, Pussycat Dolls, are there any artists you'd like to work with that you haven't worked with yet?
Dave Aude: There's always people that would be great to work with. I've worked with all the US cover girls, Lindsey, Britney, Paris - which is funny. I've worked with Sting and Coldplay. If U2 would ever wanted to do remixes, that would be fun. Probably some people that are a little older, maybe Aretha Franklin.

RS: Looking back over your remixes, what has been the most difficult or challenging remix you've had to do?
Dave Aude: I just finished Kimberley Locke's "Band of Gold" and that was difficult because the original song is great but there's not really a chorus. It's more of a verse chorus, meaning there's not one huge, huge, huge hook that just repeats, repeats, repeats. It's also a weird arrangement because the original Band of Gold song has a six bar verse and most club songs are all eight. So it just made it a little more difficult and I had to spend an extra week on the song because it was a different type of song to remix. The song was a seventies song but it really sounds like a Motown song as well. Translating that Motown sort of vibe into a club thing wasn't as easy as I originally thought it would be.

RS: I noticed with your recent remixes like the one for Leana "Pack Your Bags" and "Band of Gold" that there's a real Moroder feel to it.
Dave Aude: I love Giorigio Moroder. Moroder, Harold Faltermeyer, and Vince Clarke are three guys that are huge influences on me. Those are the three guys that created new sounds that were very inspiring to me. A lot of it is just the way they played stuff and the sounds they used, very quality synthetic sounds. If you listen to those records; Axel F, Giorrgio's stuff with Donna Summer, Vince Clarke's early Erasure stuff or Yazz stuff, the sounds were the best part of the song and very influential on me.

RS: What else do you have coming up next?
Dave Aude: Right now I'm finishing an album for a girl on Interscope called Valeria. The single is called "Girl I Told Ya" and the album should be out the beginning of next year. That's pretty exciting to me, and the usual thousand remixes I'm working on.

RS: How long does it take you to do a remix normally?
Dave Aude: A couple of weeks. It's not a couple of weeks of working straight. It's a couple of weeks of me working on it here and there and then listening. I don't like to rush things, I like to sort of like leave it for a day or two and come back and listen to it and get a fresh perspective.

RS: Sometimes there'll be a week and I'll get five new Dave Aude remixes and I'm like does this guy ever sleep?
Dave Aude: Yes, that has nothing to do with me, that has to do with me just finishing stuff and then those labels all just decide release the same week. The Rachel Sweet remix on Razor & Tie which is out now – I did that record a year ago. They sat on it for a year because they changed singles.

RS: Let's talk about some of your pseudonyms. You remix as Claude La Gache, right?
Dave Aude: Maybe, maybe.

RS: Maybe, you're not confirming that?
Dave Aude: Rumor has it I do remix as Claude Le Gache, that's a rumor. That could be true.

RS: You won't confirm or deny that?
Dave Aude: Probably me, it's probably not Stuart Price, it's probably me.

RS: I've heard it both ways. You also remix as The Dummies with Juan Marinez?
Dave Aude: Yes, I do.

RS: Then there's also Extension 119, where did that name come from?
Dave Aude: I haven't done anything as Extension 119 in a long time – that was my extension in the Moonshine.

RS: What advice do you have to up and coming DJs and producers?
Dave Aude: My advice to any producer and any DJ is just to listen to as much music as you possibly can as it's all about listening to a million things. Kids are out there making records and they're just listening to one or two different styles of music. I think you really get a lot of influence when you listen to not just one particular style of music but when you listen to different types of genres. At the end of the day that's what gives people their sound, is different types of music across the board, being as eclectic as you possibly can.

RS: What would you like to say to all your fans out there?
Dave Aude: It's all about the music. Tt's not about me, it's about great music. It's not about putting a spotlight on me when I'm DJing, it's about getting on the dance floor and having fun. I just try and make that the most important thing whenever I'm producing or DJing or remixing or whatever, it's all about the music.

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