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Markus Schulz Interview


Markus Schulz Interview

Markus Schulz


Global DJ is an appropriate title for Markus Schulz. Currently touring the US, his summer Armada residency at Amnesia in Ibiza will be the homebase for his Global DJ Broadcast radio show. With a new mixed CD compilation due in September, this is going to be quite a busy summer for Markus.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: You are in Miami right now, is that where you're based out of?
Markus Schulz: I'm out of Berlin most of the summer, but I'm in Miami right now because I'm doing a North American tour. I have a house in Miami and an apartment in Berlin, so I go between the two.

RS: Ah, the jet-setting life of a superstar DJ...
Markus Schulz: The tiring life of a DJ.

RS: And later this summer you are going to be in Ibiza for a residency.
Markus Schulz: Yes, the Armada party at Amnesia on Tuesday nights.

RS: You've been with the Armin Van Buuren crew for a while. How did you meet up with them?
Markus Schulz: I've been signed to Armada for three years. We've known each other since 1999 and we just kind of followed each other's careers. Then, when he started up Armada, I was actually the first artist signed for the Electronic Element label. Since that time we've started out own label, Cold Harbor, which is distributed through Armada.

RS: Very cool. I heard you're working on a new album that's due in September. What direction is that going?
Markus Schulz: This is a compilation, it's going to be called Ibiza 06. It's going to be two CDs - CD 1 is going to be more getting ready to go out to the club type stuff and the CD 2 is going to be more club stuff.

RS: I also hear in Ibiza you'll be doing your radio program from there live.
Markus Schulz: Yes, Global DJ Broadcast is heard on Holiday FM. We have an entire campaign this summer from Ibiza featuring guest DJs like Gabriel and Dresden, Sasha, Paul Van Dyk, Andy Moore, James Lavelle, and Max Graham.

RS: How much do you think the radio program has spread dance music to the public?
Markus Schulz: It's huge, because the radio show is also heard on the internet. It's a global community - I noticed that I could be in Australia or Asia or Eastern Europe or Western Europe and people all know the same song. I could play something on the radio show one week and two weeks later be on the other side of the world and play that track, and people are singing along to it. It's just amazing.

RS: Speaking about the global, I hear you're going to be the first American DJ to play in Jordan.
Markus Schulz: Yes, I'm very excited about that. Of course, I'm a little bit nervous, but at the same time very excited. It's an event called Distant Heat which is in its third year. The first year they had Ferry Corsten, last year was Armin, and this year I'm doing it.

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