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Peter Hook (of New Order) Interview - Interview with Peter Hook (of New Order)


Peter Hook (of New Order) Interview - Interview with Peter Hook (of New Order)

New Order - Live in Glasgow


RS: In this current crop of bands out there – we mentioned a few of them – do you have a favorite that you like to listen to?
Peter Hook: My favorite band at the moment is a group called the Foals, from England. They're very new. They just got their record out now, and I think they're an amazing, amazing group. My other favorite group at the moment is The Enemy. They're from Coventry, and I think they're wonderful. They've made a fantastic record. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Also a band from Manchester, called the Courteeners. They're like the new Oasis.

RS: A lot of people in bands of a certain era end up being DJs. Have you ever followed that passion?
Peter Hook: I'm actually a DJ now, mate.

RS: You are?
Peter Hook: Yes, I DJ a lot, every weekend now. It's become my main stock in trade. I started about four years ago, just on a whim. My friend Manny told me that it was a great way of getting pissed for nothing, DJing. And lo and behold, it was. But once the novelty of getting pissed for nothing had worn off, I actually found that it was a very enjoyable thing to do. Manny says it's the freak show circuit – that people come and see us because we're the freaks that used to be in a group years ago but it's been very lucrative and very enjoyable. It's strange; it's completely opposite to being in a group, because in a group you're surrounded by people. When you DJ, you're just on your own, which is nice because there's no argument. When it goes well, there's no one to share it with, because there's no one to help you.

RS: What kind of music do you play; what's your genre?
Peter Hook: I play everything from 1977 to the current day, and it's a very enjoyable thing to do. It's a great second career, I'll tell you.

RS: What's your favorite New Order record to DJ or dance to?
Peter Hook: My favorite New Order record? Well it's funny, I've got a 136bpm remix of Blue Monday in a hard house style which I love playing, because people get really surprised by it. It's nothing like the original, much faster and much fatter, you know. I have a great time sticking that on because it really surprises everybody.

RS: Are you a CD, vinyl, or laptop guy?
Peter Hook: CDs. I had some guy screaming at me on Saturday night, in a gig in Blackburn, saying he wanted to hear some snap, crackle, and pop. I said, "oh f**k off mate, have you ever tried carrying two hundred records?" So it was quite interesting. But no, I'm a CD guy just because I don't want my arms to reach the floor.

RS: What advice would you have for this current generation of DJs and electronic musicians?
Peter Hook: The only advice I can offer is -- the interesting thing about technology now is that it's made everybody able to do it, hasn't it? And there's a lot of music about, and people are always asking me what they can do to bring theirs out. There's only one rule – you just have to keep going. I always work on the adage that if you do something, there's the possibility that it could lead to something else; and if you do nothing, you're not going to get anything at all.

RS: Very true. What would you like to say to all your dance music fans out there?
Peter Hook: Just keep bopping. I mean, dance music is one of my great passions, which everybody gets very surprised about, because I come from a rock group. Even though New Order is dance electronic, I think we're actually considered to be a rock group. But I'm a great fan of dance music. When I look at people like Tiga, SoulWax, Chromeo, Justice – I'd love to play mostly hard dance music when I DJ, but I have to play a retrospective of all the years which I've been through, which is what people expect. So no, I'm up there man, I love it.

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