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Tiesto - Elements of Life Interview Tiesto


Tiesto - Elements of Life Interview Tiesto



A DJ tour with 35 people? No, its not just a huge entourage. It's the full stage show for Tiesto's latest tour for Elements of Life – with visuals, staging, lighting, and live performers all centered around Tiesto's new CD. Diving into the realms of rock and experimental electronica, Tiesto's third artist album "Elements of Life" will offer his fans a new glimpse of where he is at musically.

Pete Kay: Tell us a little bit about the album and why it's called Elements of Life?
Tiesto: It's called Elements of Life mainly because of the world tour I'm going to do. The whole show is incorporating water, fire, earth, and air and how the elements interplay.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: With your new show for Elements of Life, is it going to be more live performance or DJing?
Tiesto: The big difference is that I'm going to travel with thirty-five people. It's crazy and everything is new. We travel with the stage, the sound, the lights, live performers, and special effects. It's almost like a Tiesto experience, not just a DJ show.

RS: With the live performances, are you going to have Jes with you on tour?
Tiesto: Yes, definitely. She is the opening artist. Jes has a new album out and I love her voice, so she's definitely going to be part of the tour.

RS: There are several vocalists on the album, do you write a track with a vocalist in mind or do you write with the vocalist?
Tiesto: Well it depends. Sometimes I just send them a demo with the music and they come back with lyrics and vocals and other times they just send me a whole track but in demo style, and then I just rework everything.

RS: For the "In the Dark" single you worked with the singer from BB Mak, how did you hook up with him?
Tiesto: I met him on MySpace. I really liked his voice and we really clicked together, so I think we're going to work more in the future.

RS: On the single, there's mixes by Karl B and Dirty South. How involved are you with remixes - do you choose the remixers or is that a label thing?
Tiesto: It's both. I was not familiar with the Dirty South remixers, but having heard a track from them, I really liked it - it sounded kind of rocky, so I thought maybe they are good to do. I'm a big fan of Karl B, he's one of my favorite trance producers and he's just an amazing producer and I was like well he couldn't do a better job than me I think, never could.

Pete: This is your third artist album and from what we have heard, it's much different from the previous two. What was the thought process of combining rock, trance and the very experimental music that you have on this one?
Tiesto: Yes, it's very different and I think it says exactly where Tiesto is at the moment. You still hear influences from the old Tiesto, the trancy guy, and the new stuff is in there as well. So it's for me an in-between stop for where I want to go, like it's a time mark in my career.

Pete: The first single "Dance for Life" was dedicated to AIDS research. How has it impacted the AIDS mission?
Tiesto: We don't know the result yet how it impacted, but it did really well around the world. Everybody played the track and it's been very successful. In Holland alone, its sold more than forty-five thousand copies. With radio play everywhere, and there has been a lot of digital downloads.

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