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Tiesto - Elements of Life Interview Tiesto


Tiesto - Elements of Life Interview Tiesto


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Pete: Can you tell us about Break My Fall and working with BT? Did you make any other tracks when you were together in LA?
Tiesto: Yes, we made a couple of tracks. He's actually involved in three tracks on the album, "Bright Morning Start," "Sweet Things," and "Break My Fall." We clicked really well together and made a couple more tracks actually which didn't make the album. I think this summer we're going to work more together to get more tracks done.

Pete: Are there any artists or DJs in particular that you're looking to work with in the future or looking forward to seeing at this conference?
Tiesto: BT is still by far my favorite producer and I'm basically open to work with all kinds of people. I would love to work with The Cure, I look forward to seeing them on Friday when I play with them at Ultra.

RS: With your last album you did some crazy stuff to promote it, like jumping out of airplanes and playing at terminals, do you have anything like that up your sleeve for this album?
Tiesto: No, not that much actually <laughing>. I have some very high profile performances like Coachella where I'm going to perform on the main stage right after the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

RS: Is your performance at Coachella along the lines of you doing a more rock-oriented album? Is that why you went after Coachella?
Tiesto: Well actually, they came after me. The owner of Coachella saw the concert I did in LA two years ago and loved it. He wanted me to do a more rock-y performance at Coachella and I said yes. That's going to be the biggest show I've ever done in the US.

RS: There's so many great Dutch DJs and producers coming out right now, why do think there's so much great talent coming from Amsterdam right now?
Tiesto: I think it's because the crowds in Holland are very hard to entertain so you have to be on top of your game. They've seen and done everything. I feel like when I play abroad it's much easier to perform because the crowd is so happy to see you. In Holland, they're also happy but they don't scream that loud.

RS: I just saw a video of you hanging out with Diddy in the DJ booth. Is there any chance of a collaboration?
Tiesto: Actually I played his track with Christina Aguilera "Tell Me" that night just for fun. He's a big fan and loves my music so maybe in the future a collaboration, who knows.

RS: I'm going to ask you a little bit of a difficult question, have you seen this YouTube video that's a spoof of an interview with you where they dub in different words, subtitle it differently with what you're saying?
Tiesto: I heard about it I think. Is that the one with the dog, the Casio, and the second coming of Christ comment?

RS: Yes, that one.
Tiesto: That's funny I think as I love it when people are creative. The Spitting Image, I mean that's OK and I like it when people make fun of me in a classy way. I don't like it when people say just like Tiesto sucks, just for the way of saying it. When I did the Pirates of the Caribbean remix, they put me on a sleeve like that and that's cool, I like that. I have lots of humor myself so I can handle that.

Pete: Your relationship with fans is quite influential. You told your fans not to vote for you in the DJ pools and to give new artists a chance - how did that work out?
Tiesto: Well I think it's worked out well because a lot of people voted for other DJs and yes, I think it's about time that new talent gets a chance. There's so many good young fresh DJs out there and a lot of other DJs just don't deliver the good anymore so it's time to get some new ones in. There's plenty of good examples like Eddie Halliwell and Sander Van Doorn.

RS: Cool. Is there anything you have to say to all your fans out there?
Tiesto: Well I can say thanks for your support, I think that's the most important thing, and without them I wouldn't be where I am today.

Interview posted - April 9, 2007

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