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David Guetta - 'One Love' Interview


David Guetta

David Guetta

Photo Credit: Ellen Von Unwerth
It's not often that a dance artist scores a number one pop record in the United States. So when you realize that the hit Black Eyed Peas single "I Gotta Feelin" was produced by French superstar producer/DJ David Guetta, it's more than another sign that dance music is crossing over in the US. The Black Eye Peas single serves as a great introduction to David's new CD One Love which features collaborations with Kelly Rowland, Will.I.Am, Akon, Kid Cudi and Estelle. While not consciously setting out to make an album with r&b/hip hop artists, it just kind of happened that way. The lead single "When Love Takes Over" with Kelly Rowland debuted at number one in the UK and crossed over onto top40 radio in the US. The followup single "Sexy Bitch/Chick" with Akon looks to be following in the same footsteps. It looks like there will be a lot more Love for David Guetta in the US.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: That's awesome. Well congratulations on this new CD, it looks like it’s going to be incredible.
David Guetta: It looks pretty good, yes.

RS: How did you hook up with so many different artists for it?
David Guetta: Well, the story is that it started with Kelly Rowland, she came to see me when I was playing the South of France, she loves “Love is Gone” with Chris Willis, you know that song? And then she came and she was dancing all night long and she heard the “When Love Takes Over” instrumental and she really fell in love with it. She came with that beautiful song and we just felt that was really big, and we went in to the studio together. Then she started, you know, to speak about me and spread the word.

And on the same week will.i.am called me and asked me for the tracks for The Black Eyed Peas. And we'd done “Rock That Body” and “I Gotta Feelin,” and that was so good. And I said ‘listen Will, I’ll do it for you guys but you've got to return the favor and be on my album.’ So we made other tracks for my album and it went so amazingly together, it was so exciting. We had the feeling that we were, you know, really making the music of tomorrow, doing something new and merging the best of two worlds. And I don't know, it was magic, and he started to spread the word also.

So in a second a lot of those artists were calling me and asking me to produce them and every time I was like ‘OK, I’ll make some tracks for you guys but you've got to be on my album in return.’ So that was the deal and it was a very good deal, and everybody felt very excited that we were doing this together. And it’s funny because it sounds like a huge record company with ten managers, a deal that took like three years to put together, but it was actually totally fast and genuine with artists who are artists and very easy.

RS: Yes, because right now there's a whole movement of hip-hop embracing dance beats, and it sounds like you're at the forefront of that.
David Guetta: Yes, that's what I'm doing, you know, and it’s very exciting. Because I think a lot of those artists that I've beenworking with, they felt they were a little bit tired, they felt like it was going in circles and there was no new sound. And for me, I was working on my fourth album and I was trying to find a new direction because I didn’t want to repeat the same formula that I had before. So it was just a perfect match and everybody was so enthusiastic, we were all like ‘oh my god, oh my god, yes, so exciting.’ When you get that in the studio, you know, with friends, that’s when you come up with the best stuff.

Working With Akon

RS: Yes. How did you meet up with Akon?
David Guetta: We met for the first time two or three years ago, I don't remember. I won the World Music Award and he won it too, I think for best-selling record, I think, and me for dance music. And from then we performed together, like three months ago. It was in London and for a Radio One festival and he was onstage just after me, he was like, ‘wow, I love “Love is Gone” and “When Love Takes Over,” it’s so good, we should try and do something together, let’s have a drink when I finish, you know.’ And after we were going to go to a club to have a drink, you know, just to spend some time, and I'm like ‘let’s not have a drink, let’s rent a studio and make music.’ And we just did it, we rented a studio at the last minute. And he was leaving in the morning, we didn’t sleep, we took the plane in the morning, and we made a totally new track.

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