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Maria Salandra - "How Deep" - Courtesy of Gelyt
It's fun to watch a song germinate from conception to release. I first heard a demo of "How Deep" last year when the producer sent it to me for feedback. I was instantly struck by not only the lyrical content but the voice of Maria Salandra. She is not your typical dance diva yet she really brings the emotion to her vocal performance. Equipped with mixes by Mike Rizzo, Naked Highway, Reed McGowan, and Curtis Atchinson (of Midnight Society) club DJs should make room in their playlist for this primetime dance floor anthem in the making. The fashion world has already embraced the song with Project Runway star Malan Breton using "How Deep" as the soundtrack for his 2012 fall runway shows.
Audio - Soundcloud

Undercover - "Your Loving Touch" - Courtesy of Undercover
Lately, I've been spinning a retro night of 70s, 80s, and 90s music on Sunday nights. Doing this has refreshed my ears of all the classics which are continually mined by the producers who tweek it a bit and call it a new genre. This isn't to say that "Your Loving Touch" is an updated retro sound but listening to it you can hear the influences of sleaze/morning music dating back from the Saint era as well as a connection to the Raze classic "Break 4 Love." The voguers in the video definitely set the tone as well. Male vocals are often a hard sell on a club record but Undercover is definitely hitting the mark. If you are looking for a club record for spooky/Halloween nights, check out the Sparber remix. If you insist on a big room modern mix then John Rizzo's take is for you. I will stick with the original and try to sneak it into my retro sets and see if anyone notices. Video - Youtube

Cheryl Cole - "Call My Name" - Courtesy of Polydor
Cheryl Cole and Calvin Harris, what sweet music you make together.  Despite that "Call My Name" comes across as a little generic, given the mass amounts of dance music out there, there's still something undeniably catchy about the track.  Harris' signature production teamed up with Cole's pop knowhow provide a kind of one-two punch that makes singing along to this track on the first listen both easy and gratifying.  "Call My Name" is the lead single from Cole's upcoming album, A Million Lights, due out in June.  Is this what we can expect, or a sleight of hand to distract us from even better material to come?  Only time can tell but you can bet your britches we are going to be all over this one.
Audio - Youtube

Sam Sparro - "Happiness" - Courtesy of Positiva/Virgin
Heralding his return to releasing his own music, Sparro releases "Happiness", the lead single to his upcoming 2012 album Return to Paradise.  This is pure disco funk in the way we've come to know from Sparro.  The groove is hot, Sparro's voice is as seductive as ever, and the bass guitar is electrifying.  As a marker of new material, "Happiness" is what it suggests it is, in it's purest form.  And with mixes leaking from Sparro's second single, "I Wish I Never Met You" (without the actual song leaking), it's just a matter of time before we can't stop salivating for new material from this talented artist.  "Happiness" is here for now and more than worth drooling over.
Audio - Youtube

Katharine McPhee - "Touch Me (from the Smash TV Show)" - Courtesy of Columbia
In the ongoing saga of Marilyn, the Musical, Katharine McPhee's character, Karen Cartwright, sings this little ditty under the instruction of musician and writer Ryan Tedder.  While the characters in Smash were clearly offended by the track, and just how removed it is from both musical theater and the story of Marilyn herself, the dance junkie in me couldn't help but think how well this would do on the dance floor.  And it seems I'm not alone in this estimation, as Jody Den Broeder, Jump Smokers, and DJ Kue have mixed it for peak floor consumption.  Each mix emphasizes just how good McPhee sounded in the original version.  What makes this whole production that much more entertaining is how, unlike Glee, Smash is almost completely comprised of original musical works.  "Touch Me" may just be the first one that's single and dance floor worthy.
Original - Youtube
Jody Den Broeder - Youtube

Elton versus Pnau - "Good Morning to the Night" - Courtesy of Mercury
Well this is kind of epic.  Granted, Elton John was fully on board and endorsing this mixed interpretation of some of his works, ranging from lyrics from "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" and "Tonight", as well as instrumentation from both "Gulliver" and "Funeral for a Friend".  Together with beats from Pnau, the whole thing sounds like a dreamy romp through some alternate dimension where everything is soft and fun.  "Good Morning to the Night" is but the first of 8 tracks from an album of Pnau-re-imagined Elton John tracks.  More information can be found at www.eltonversuspnau.com and for a dancier version of the track, head on over to the Elton Versus Pnau soundcloud for Cahill's thumping re-rub.
Audio - Youtube
Cahill Edit - Soundcloud

Kwes - "Bashful" - Courtesy of Warp Records
Sometimes it's a video that makes the song, and in the case of this track from Kwes., it is ALL about the video.  Not to say that "Bashful" isn't an entertaining song, but with this video in mind, the sounds and moods take on a whole new life.  The video is quite artistic, showing the singer's entrance into an old-time elevator where we are introduced to the cast of characters.  What makes "Bashful" such a fun video is that many of the sounds in the song are punctuated in the video, either by lighting changes or actual actions from the characters as they tap, clap, snap, and sing the words to the song.  All the while, they look coyly at one another, obvious attraction and interest on their faces but, aha, too "Bashful" to anything about it.
Video - Youtube

Scissor Sisters - "Only the Horses" - Courtesy of Universal
Ok, this one is pretty good.  While "Shady Love" has that dark, seedy underground sound that Scissor Sisters dominate, "Only the Horses" brings that big hit quality that we can directly thank Calvin Harris for.  Harris' superb production highlights the big moments in Jake Shears' lyrics, giving "Only the Horses" a decent shot at making it on radio.  But who cares about that, right?  We have this track, this gorgeous song about running away with your loved one to the point that only animals, beasts, can find you.  There's something romantic about being away from it all and the aspect of horses in the track just takes the romance up another notch.  Add in this quirky video which is, for the first half, visually "Only the Horses" until we see that the Sister's prison of paint is being busted open by some gorgeous steeds.  A western feel is suddenly a geyser of color while the Scissor Sisters sit and look wise.  Fun video, amazing track.  Can't wait for May 28th when their new album, Magic Hour, gets released!
Video - Youtube

David Vendetta ft Booty Luv - "Sun Comes Up" - Courtesy of DJ Center
Oh hey there Booty Luv!  Where have you been?  The singing duo responsible for some pretty entertaining dance covers of "Boogie 2Nite" and "Shine" kind of fell off the radar after the track "Say It", but here they are teaming up with David Vendetta!  Vendetta's stab at mainstream recognition couldn't be stronger, already using two strong vocalists and an arsenal of 'let's make a hit' production tricks, so "Sun Comes Up" neatly falls into any set.  Keep your eyes out, fans of Booty Luv, because the duo have taken on a new professional name of Cherise & Nadia and are working on new material, while "Sun Comes Up" may be marking a future album release for Vendetta.
Video - Youtube

Adam Lambert - "Never Close Our Eyes" - Courtesy of RCA Records
It's nice to see Lambert embracing a shift in direction on this new track, "Never Close Our Eyes".  It has that pop swag but also a little UK pop mixed into the American mainstream radio beats.  His voice carries well over the growling synths, and that's really why we listen to Adam Lambert.  His voice carries a lot of strength, and when he hits the falsetto in "Never Close Our Eyes", we are once again reminded of how well he handled those upper registers on his debut album.  "Whataya Want From Me" may not be his biggest claim to fame if "Never Close Our Eyes" hits radio hard enough, and given that it was produced by Dr. Luke, I don't see how it won't.  Can't wait to see what remixes of this track sound like!  "Never Close Our Eyes" is the second single from Lambert's new album, Trespassing.  Check it out.
Audio - Youtube

Amna - "She Bangs" - Courtesy of Roton
The Romanian sound of dance pop is quickly becoming a sub genre of its own - kind of like freestyle, synth pop, or even dirty dutch. The better releases seem to push things further with either a new instrumentation, a new groove or subject matter. It seems as though the gorgeous Amna (who bares a striking resemblance to America's Next Top Model All Stars Winner Lisa D'amato) is finally over the guy from "Tell Me Why" and with her new single "She Bangs" has moved on to another.. woman. Over the swingbeats and the Mr. Saxobeat-esque saxophone, Amna sings about missing her and "breaking all the rules to see her." The good thing is that in 2012, she knows "it's alright." Yes, its subtle but it's still kinda cool if a little bit ironic since when I first saw the title, I feared it would be a tragic Ricky Martin cover.
Video - Youtube

Jochen Simms and Luciana - "Wicked Workout" - Courtesy of Phonetic
Great songs can be interpreted in different ways by the people listening to them. For "Wicked Workout," the feisty new track from Jochen Simms, you could imagine Luciana as a clubber singing to a dj or as someone addressing their lover for some intimate interaction. However I don't think it is a song aimed at a personal trainer (unless, of course, you live in GCB-land.) Rising Phonetic/Peace Bisquit talent Jochen Simms (remixer of Beyonce, Katy B, Cazwell) turned out an energetic electro stomper that breaks down into an almost ethereal 808 State "Cubik"-inspired groove before the electro noises kick in for an insane, erm, build up and climax. Miss Luciana is at her best when she is being playful and naughty over a sick electro track and lyrics like "Pump me a little bit harder, work me out a little bit longer, make me sweat" let you know that she is clearly in her element here. "Wicked Workout" was a definite highlight of Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 and is sure to be a massive hit on dance floors around the world. Watch for this one to explode from the spring into the summer.. now that would be a wicked workout..
Audio - Soundcloud

Teesa - "Follow Your Heart" / "Drug" - Courtesy of Teesa Music
One good thing about the electronic dance music is the ease of procuring a basic setup to produce a track. Of course this means we all have to wade through a bunch of crap to find the gems but it also means that you can often find an incredible new talent with a story to be told. Everyone meet Teesa, a Japanese born pop singer who rocks the guitar as well as the dance floor. She is making her name in Bay area thanks to club performances and some hot tracks. "Follow Your Heart" is an uplifting, inspirational song about.. well, you can figure it out by the title. The video shows her journey trying to make it in the entertainment world. "Drug" could easily be the lead single from Ke$ha's next album if of course, she adds dirty electro and guitar work to her playbook. Both tracks show a lot of promise and are definitely worth an add to your digital music player.
"Follow Your Heart" - Youtube
"Drug" - Youtube

Trentemoller ft Marie Fisker - "My Dreams" - Courtesy of In My Room
Trentemoller is a hard ticket to pin down.  His style has ranged in a variety of directions, from extreme chill to apocalyptic electro.  So with this haunting cover of The Gun Club's "My Dreams", the first listen really proves to be a roller coaster, trying to expect where the track will go next.  Marie Fisker's deep and affecting voice add spectacularly to the dissonance Trentemoller adds to the track, giving the overall vibe of discomfort and melodic redemption.  "My Dreams" comes across more as a track that is what it is on it's own, and if remixes find this track new life on the dance floor, more power to them.  However, this one should be left to it's own devices, to survive in different arenas as an exemplary standard of the type of talent Trentemoller really is.  If you'd rather dance to his productions, revisit "What Else Is There?" by Royksopp, his mix is killer. Video - Vimeo

Shawnee Taylor ft Sympho Nympho - "Colors" - Courtesy of Subliminal
Solid house music with a strong female voice is never something to scoff at.  In fact, that confident diva is one of the essential parts of what house music is.  Granted, not every house track needs it's diva, but there's something about hearing a strong voice sing about strength, love, acceptance, and the blindness of ideal tolerance.  And essentially, that's what "Colors" is all about.  And so it touches on another hallmark of house music, which is embracing different cultures, thoughts, ideas, and frames of mind.  So "Colors" really stands out in that respect, offering a solid house track with a confident female singer who gives us hopeful lyrics about the blindness of tolerance.  Man, and some people call this stuff generic. Video - Youtube

Junkie XL ft Isis Salam - "Off the Dancefloor" - Courtesy of Nettwerk
Man the bass on this track is overly excessive!  But only in the best possible way.  The chugging complements the slower beat and sung-spoken vocals, giving "Off the Dancefloor" a deep and sexy vibe that may be difficult to emulate at higher BPMs.  Or is it?  Not only do we have Junkie XL's album version to sedate us, but additional mixes by Deniz Koyu, TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES, and NT89.  Deniz Koyu's mix aims to incorporate that growling chug of the original at a higher BPM, giving us a tech-house vibe with stadium-esque beats (and then synths, later in the mix) but not so much focusing on the vocals that give the original such swagger.  TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES really mess with your mind on their world beat-lite mix, while NT89 go for a more distinctive middle ground type of mix, swapping the consistent bass chug for a bass riff and some steel drum background percussion.  Vocals are light on NT89's mix as well, giving the impression that perhaps the original's vocals didn't leave much to work with.  In the end, all four provide vastly different experiences, and will ultimately satisfy different crowds.  Which are you? Audio - Youtube

Kat Graham - "Put Your Graffiti On Me" - Courtesy of A&M/Octone
It's no surprise that the beat is where it's at, and with breakout tracks like "Beat of My Drum" by Nicola Roberts and hits from artists like Beyonce, that the percussion could be the actual hook of a track isn't really so weird a concept.  Heck, it worked for Blur on "Song 2".  With "Put Your Graffiti On Me" by Kat Graham (established television actress Katerina Graham, known most recently in The Vampire Diaries), the concept is combined with Lady Gaga-esque heavy synths and bleacher-stomp lyrics similar to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl", with a little primped up Azealia Banks style thrown into the mix.  "Put Your Graffiti On Me" is the type of rowdy party track that got Gaga thrust into the limelight, so keep your eyes open, Kat Graham may just be making her mark in music. DJs should watch for remixes by Richard Dinsdale, Digital Dog, Moto Blanco and Barry Huffine & Mike Mucci.
Video - Youtube

Tiesto & Mark Knight ft Dino - "Beautiful World" - Courtesy of Toolroom
Irvine Welsh is a novelist whose impact on film came most effectively in the form of the 1996 breakout film Trainspotting, which pushed a very young Ewan MacGregor into the public eye.  Trainspotting also put electronic music into the ears of its' viewers, notably "Born Slippy" by Underworld.  So it's no surprise that Welsh's Ecstasy, the third film based on his novels, should feature electronic music.  This time Tiesto & Mark Knight team up with singer Dino, whom you may recall after he teamed up with Meck for "Feels Like Home", on "Beautiful World".  The video contains excerpts from the film and of course a packed dance floor.  Remixes range from big and heavy offerings from Laidback Luke and Michael Woods to the dubstep stylings of Torqux and even a little chill from Violet Oversoul.
Video - Youtube

Bimbo Jones ft Ida Corr - "See You Later" - Courtesy of Ego/Robbins
Potentially one of the biggest club and crossover dance records of 2012 is about to be released on Ego Records in Italy and Robbins in the US.  I am nothing less than excited.  The story of "See You Later" started in 2010 when the premier UK commercial production team Bimbo Jones took a journey into harder electro, seemingly inspired by Wolfgang Gartner, and created "Questions."    The insanely energetic track peppered with some of their signature synths stood out of the pool of instrumental tracks.  It is one of those WTF tracks that get an instant response when you first hear it.  There have ben several mashups with vocals of everyone from Luciana and Madonna to Angie Brown and Crystal Waters.  We even wrote about how amazing a vocal version would sound when we wrote about it back in December 2010.  Fast forward to Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 when buzz started about an official vocal version featuring the "Let Me Think About It" queen Ida Corr.  I ran into Marc JB (of Bimbo Jones) and on first listen I knew it was something special.  Ida's lyrics add a playful, sexually seductive edge that will appeal to a mainstream audience while keeping the hard edge firmly in place.   By the second day of ADE, there was apparently a bidding war among labels for the track.  With a major release planned, the song has been on lockdown and is now set for release.  DJ's, go to Beatport and watch for this track to be released as this will make your primetime dance floor go crazy.  Dance music lovers, watch for it on iTunes and be prepared for th infectious lyrics to be stuck in your head for the entire summer.  Radio stations, add this record out of the box, "See You Later" is an energetic response record that stands out because it doesn't fit the dirty dutch/big room trance sound that is dominating commercial dance released.  After all, this is Bimbo Jones and Ida Corr together, there is nothing to "question" or even "think about,"  because "See You Later" is a club/pop smash set to explode.
Audio - Youtube

Train - "Drive By (Smash Mode Remix)" - Courtesy of Columbia
Your latest favorite soft rock song by Train, thanks to Smash Mode (DJ Suraci & Jimmy Greco), is now in ultra-palatable dance form!  While it's not clear that we needed heavier dance beats to the "Hey, Soul Sister" version of a Fallout Boy song, "Drive By" doesn't sound half bad this way.  The mix is mostly aimed toward dance radio than the club, but like any mix properly applied, it can work in a variety of settings.  We can't really be sure if Train's musical direction in the original version of "Drive By" was a nod to how successful electronic beats have been lately or just an inability to continue being so darn cute within the pure rock spectrum, but hopefully mixers will continue to find tracks outside of the easy pickings that are pop music to give them material to work on.
Audio - Soundcloud

Manuel De La Mare & Luca Monticelli ft L'Indio - "Wicked Game" - Courtesy of Dance and Love
Who said covers can't be fun?  This stadium version of the 1989 Chris Isaak classic, "Wicked Game", comes across in pure stomping form under the deft hands of Manuel De La Mare & Luca Monticelli.  L'Indio's voice fits the part, tying this package up with a new little bow, all ready for that nostalgic feeling in a brand new dance reinterpretation that just begs for dance floor consumption.  We give it kudos for not sucking, which is pretty important, as well as not being your typical cover.  It isn't a diva track, and it isn't an obvious draw for the 21-25 yo's that attend clubs now.  Anyone who falls in love with this track may not have the experience with Isaak's version, and hey...maybe they'll learn about it.  For now, enjoy this and keep it fun.
Audio - Youtube

Red Touch ft T. Bell - "Party" - Courtesy of Dance and Love
You ever dig a track just because it's not that complicated?  The beat is hot, it's simplistic, and it's got a vibe, an edge, you're just totally in tune with?  "Party" is a track that may appeal to you, then.  The lyrics are dual male and female, stretching your hearing a bit as you figure out exactly who's providing those vocals.  And the track tells you to party, that's pretty awesome right?  Who doesn't want to enjoy a good party?  Especially while the music is asking you to do just that!  So "Party" has a pretty good chance to kick ass when you drop it, or just entertain a few people when you play it in the car.  Either way, it might be worth looking into just so you can sound pretty forward thinking.  You'll be able to claim you're ahead of the curve.  That's important, too, right?
Video - Youtube

Bodyrox ft Chip & Luciana - "Bow Wow Wow" - Courtesy of Phonetic
Alright so in the age of the solo female, Luciana is kind of like a shining beacon.  She's been living in the "featuring" role since her true breakout performance with Bodyrox back in '06 with "Yeah Yeah", and making one hell of a career out of it since then.  Then in 2009 she made a significant splash again with the immensely catchy "I Like That", although the track took quite a while to really dig it's claws into the dance world.  This gave her the steam to tackle a leading role on last year's "I'm Still Hot", a cute and aggressive electro track that gained even more notoriety when a video supporting The Lifeline Program featured a hilariously spry Betty White.  Luciana is still hopping into the featuring role, thank goodness, as she teams back up with Bodyrox for "Bow Wow Wow" with rapper Chip.  The track is everything you'd expect it to be, full of Luciana's signature attitude, Bodyrox's engaging electro production, and a rap from someone else.  Although give him credit, Chip has a LOT of charisma in this video.  Keep on keepin' on Luciana!
Video - Youtube

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner ft Luciana - "We Own The Night" - Courtesy of Musical Freedom
Talk about an All-Star line up!  We already knew that Gartner and Tiesto made magic together, with Gartner's remix of Tiesto's 2009 hit, "I Will Be Here" as consistent proof.  But with Luciana on vocals, this seems slated to top every chart.  Tiesto's obviously got the reins on the drive, while Gartner's signature electro stylings and deliciously immersive grasp of melodies gives Luciana a veritable well of sound to drop her accented lyrics into.  Not only is the track gorgeous, it's got one heck of a sick beat, making it possible that "We Own The Night" will claim it's stay on the floor without a remix.  Although, we'll reserve judgment until we hear what's out there, but for now this has got us positively drooling.  2012 looks like it may be Luciana's year (again!).
Audio - Youtube

Adrian Lux ft Lune - "Fire" - Courtesy of Ultra
Adrian Lux is always a great artist to check in with.  His music is consistently top notch, and this latest track featuring the honeyed vocals of Lune is no exception.  "Fire" combines stadium production similar to that of Avicii with Lux's more subtle electronic production, similar to his earlier tracks "Teenage Crime" and "Can't Sleep".  "Fire" doesn't necessarily evoke thoughts of things burning and exploding, instead giving way to the burning inside one's own body to move with the music.  Lyrically, Lune delivers her vocals much the same as some of Kaskade's singers from his Fire/Ice album.  In the end, "Fire" may not blow up dance floors but it's a thoroughly engaging and yes, consistent offering from the Swedish DJ.  Can't wait until Adrian Lux breaks out.
Audio - Youtube

Paul Thomas & Alex Di Stefano - "Shining" - Courtesy of Diffused
Stadium dance music takes another step forward with this melodic and entrancing number from Paul Thomas & Alex Di Stefano.  Lacing beats and an engaging melody through drops of tension and a wide open space, "Shining" takes us on an instrumental journey through a field of stars, gusts of warm wind and a feeling you just can't shake: the feeling to dance.  "Shining" is the type of progressive house track that allows us to just dance the night away.  And beware if someone's smart enough to slap a top line on this baby, "Shinin" will take over if that ever happens.  For now enjoy the awesome night time driving music.
Audio - Youtube

Carly Rae Jepsen - "Call Me Maybe (Reidiculous Remix)" - Courtesy of Interscope
Do you need some serious electronic angst in your ultra sweet bubble gum pop music?  Perhaps Reidiculous' remix of "Call Me Maybe" by up and coming Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen is just what you need.  Integrating the infectious strings of the original with a gyrating thumping dance beat and stadium elements, Reidiculous serve the track up in an effort to translate it to all those popsters that are filling up your floors hoping to dance to "Starships" and "Part of Me".  Well now they can have this, as well.  With the amount of attention "Call Me Maybe" is receiving, make sure to check out Carly's EP, Curiosity, which has additional tracks that would sound excellent on the dance floor.  For now, here's a little clubby pop to hopefully shake your groove thing to.
Audio - Youtube

Eva Simons - "I Don't Like You" - Courtesy of Interscope
First and foremost, we want to congratulate Eva Simons (and Afrojack) for their Reader's Choice Award for "Take Over Control"!  The singer who simultaneously gained credit for singing as Lady Gaga and Rihanna with "Silly Boy" makes one HELL of a mark with "I Don't Like You".  Chugging bass, dubstep elements, a hook that pushes the singers upper registers, all of this goes a ways to establishing Eva Simons in her own right.  This track sounds like perhaps it's produced by Avicii, the melodics behind the chorus very much in the vein of "Levels", but no!  Alas, this track is produced by Zedd, a German DJ and producer.  Not only could "I Don't Like You" catapult Simons into the spotlight (giving her the much-needed chart performance "Take Over Control" just couldn't muster) but this may give Zedd the push he needs to really showcase his production chops.  This is a monster of a track, so get into it!
Audio - Youtube

Benny Benassi ft Gary Go - "Control" - Courtesy of
This pair received recognition here on about.com with the Reader's Choice Award for Skrillex's remix of "Cinema" (not to mention a Grammy nomination...).  And why not?  The excellent track and mainstream dubstep remix paired together excellently, and Gary Go's got one heck of a distinctive voice for dance music.  So it is it any surprise now that the video for their second collaboration, "Control", is released?  The track showcases toned down production from Benassi, focusing more on Gary Go's vocal inflections, a rock star in the dance format.  "Control", of course, runs the gamut of remixes but if you're truly thirsty for another dubstep serving of Benassi/Gary Go, Jacob Plant's mix may slake that thirst.  Then again, maybe not.  The track has potential, Benassi's minimal production leaving directions for remixes up to the imagination, the sky being the limit.  Search out your favorite and get back to us.
Video - Youtube

Kerli - "Zero Gravity" - Courtesy of Island Records
Sometimes we just have to accept when an artist has made a change for good. Kerli may still be odd, may still be quirky, but she seems to have moved on from the gothic Lolita character for good. Perhaps that's for the best, as her recent material has been super geared for the dance floor. "Zero Gravity" is her latest offering and sees the Estonian singer hitting a lot of marks with her lyrics that are similar with vocal trance, albeit in a modern and engaging mainstream format. The effect is pleasing. The beats are aggressive in "Zero Gravity", giving it an edge for immediate dance floor consumption. But keep your eye out for Laidback Luke's take for a dirty Dutch variant that may be more your style for your floor. Lovers of hiNRG will love gravitate towards the gorgeous Almighty remix. Kerli may not be "Walking on Air" anymore, but with "Zero Gravity", she's still got her head in the clouds. Enjoy.
Video - Youtube

Tara McDonald - "Give Me More" - Courtesy of Universal
Respect is one thing I have for Miss Tara McDonald, especially after seeing her perform at so many events over the years, singing LIVE, her tracks with all the big names (David Guetta, Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry, Joey Negro, Sidney Samson, Axwell, and Afrojack). For all that hard work she has scored a major prize, a solo album with just HER name on it - not a featuring, not a presenting, not a versus - but a Tara McDonald album. Leading the project is "Give Me More," a spicy and energetic electro pop single which melds dirty dutch and dub step elements with a pop feel. Imagine her track with Sidney Samson "Dynamite" with a dub step break and you have an idea. The song is catchy, fun and already a big record in France. Could this be the pop dance record that launches out of WInter Music Conference? That's the big question, well along with what is the deal with that clown in the lyrics video?
Lyrics Video - Youtube

Dragonette - "The Right Woman" - Courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg, Inc.
Celebrating International Women's Day (which was March 8th, btw), Diane Von Furstenberg releases the third "Proud to Be Woman" volume.  This time, electro-pop outfit Dragonette, whom you may recall from Martin Solveig's smash tracks "Hello" and "Big In Japan", return with their fresh new single, "The Right Woman".  After two albums, a variety of singles, and success as featured artists, Dragonette fans are voracious for a third album.  "The Right Woman" may sate them for a short bit, but the direction of this track may just leave them hungry for more.  All we can say is Martina Sorbara is definitely "The Right Woman" for electronic music, and we can't wait to hear more.
Audio - Soundcloud

Rye Rye & Esthero - "21 Jump Street Main Theme" - Courtesy of Madison Gate Records
Holy anachronism, Batman!  How these two paired up is beyond us, but the end result is a truly odd version of the original television show's theme song.  While 21 Jump Street has a film reboot that bears hardly any resemblance to the original show in anything but name, Rye Rye & Esthero's electronic version is an updated electronic romp, Esthero providing those classic lyrics while Rye Rye stutters her rhymes over a growling synth line and constant beats.  Critics are giving this movie good ratings, and I think it's safe to say this updated theme song will be getting the thumbs up from more than just us.  Just imagine the remixes!
Audio - Soundcloud

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