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Altar featuring Amanda - Sound Of Your Voice

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The producing team known as Altar made quite a splashy debut with their first single "Party People." With vocals by the queen diva herself Jeanie Tracy, that track was an automatic hit right out of the gate. For their second single "Sound Of Your Voice," the Brazilian duo still have stellar vocals, this time by Amanda, but the music goes is a decidedly more typical club direction. Mixes are provided by an array of mixers like Manny Lehman and Rafael Lelis to give this already bumping song even more of a groove.

The Altar Club Mix kicks off with a thundering of drums and bass, leading into the warm vocals of Amanda. This has all the facets of a club anthem: lots of synth stabs and a pulsing beat that continues throughout. It's a great choice for those peak hour punters. For something not as hard, the duo also offers us the Altar Soundz Of Ibiza Mix. This mix still has the drums and synths, but they are more subdued. This mix goes in a more filtered and melodic direction, still very danceable but not as booming. Lots of synthesizers kick off the Barry Huffine & John Rizzo Remix. In fact, the synth lines are the key element here, allowing the vocals to soar effortlessly over the beats. The beat continues throughout the song at a strong steady pace, breaking down around the five-minute mark only to rebuild back into the synths a minute later. The Doctor Riboh Tel Aviv Mix feels like Offer Nissim himself mixed it. The tribal drums are out in front and the beat is very sensual yet still foot stomping. It's a perfect mix for late night dancing. Circuit legend Manny Lehman provides us with his Sexy Tribal Mix. As the title suggests, this is a tribal romp filled to the brim with drums and percussion that wrap around Amanda's vocals. Finally, Rafael Lelis' Anthem Remix brings us full circle by giving us a mix that is very similar is style to Altar's original mix. Lots of buildups and a pulsing beat make this version yet another great choice for those peak-hour sets.

Altar proves that they are no one hit wonder with their new single "Sound Of Your Voice". All of the mixes will have you moving your feet and feeling the beat. Amanda's vocals are a good match for the song and it is sure to scale the upper reaches of the charts quickly. Keep an eye on this up and coming duo. They are sure to be returning with more great music very soon.

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