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Top 10 Valentine's Day Dance Songs


Some special songs to help celebrate Valentine's day with the one you love..

1. Erasure - "I Could Fall in Love With You"

Mute Records
Erasure proves once again why they are one of the premier bands of our generation. They continue to whip out great songs that are fun and catchy and make us wanna dance every time we hear them.

2. Mike Melange featuring Alan Connor - "Let Your Love Flow"

Rumour Records
Looking for a happy song to bring a smile to your face? Check out this cover of The Bellamy Brothers' classic "Let Your Love Flow" by German producer Mike Melange and uk singer Alan Connor. The robot love video is just as happy as the energetic (and Motiv8 inspired) remix by 7th Heaven. With release scheduled for February 16th, this song and video would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

3. Barbara Tucker - "Love Vibrations"

B Star Music
If you are a fan of "Most Precious Love," you will no doubt be up in arms for "Love Vibrations," the new single from Miss Barbara Tucker. Those same genuine emotions of love are expressed through Barbara's lyrics and vocal performance.

4. Pleasure Center - "Love's a Basic Freedom"

Northcross Media
With writer/producer Cory Conley and Jennifer Rivers on vocals, Pleasure Center's latest single "Love's A Basic Freedom" can't help but be a hit. Lyrically, this is a gay pride anthem to the nth degree, with lyrics like "If you are willing to believe that love is something that is free / All my brothers and my sisters dancing to a different drummer's beat."

5. Tiesto featuring BT - "Love Comes Again"

Tiesto featuring BT - Love Comes Again
Nettwerk Records
Tiesto is one of the finest Trance DJ’s, Remixers and Producers of our time. When I heard this song and found out that he teamed up with BT my jaw nearly dropped to the freakin floor.

6. Billie Myers - "Just Sex"

The biggest thing that stands out here is the horn break that changes up everything for a second with bombastic horns and a classic show tune chord progression as Billie Myers' belts out "Can I Take You Home." It's a split second of full-on Broadway musical appeal.

7. Danielle Bollinger - "When the Broken Hearted Love Again"

This is pretty hot vocal house, and Bollinger belts out a solid, soulful performance. Chris Cox keeps the energy up and driving with big walls of synths and muscular drums.

8. Joyce Sims - "What the World Needs Now"

"What the World Needs Now" is the latest from Joyce Sims, taken from the inspirational album A New Beginning. With the help of Junior Vasquez and Friscia & Lamboy, Sims takes the Burt Bacharach classic from the church to the dancefloor.

9. Bob Sinclar featuring Gary Pine - "Love Generation"

Tommy Boy
Thanks to its island feel, reggae sound, and strong acoustic guitar, it will indeed get you moving. So much so, that it will make you want to dance with someone as it asks you to "be the love generation."

10. Kandystand - "Love Invasion"

ReverbNation Records
Not only do we look to the Dutch for superstar DJ/producers (Tiesto, Don Diablo, Armin), we can also find some fun pop dance in the form of Kandystand. While the video for "Love Invasion" is undeniably do-it-yourself, the sheer exuberance of singer Katy D and the bouncy production of Alodis makes up for budget with pep and spirit. We reviewed their first cd [link url=http://dancemusic.about.com/od/reviews/fr/Kandystand.htm][i]Watch Out Here I Come[/i][/link] and are very happy to see their sound and production both improving and developing. Keep your eyes on this duo, we foresee big things to come. In the meantime, a download of "Love Invasion" would be a cute gift for your valentine.
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